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Henry is our open-access organ on the concourse of the Network Rail station, free to play any time the station is open.

Henry is a one-manual, eight-stop organ with pedals. He is at the southern end of the (lower) Network Rail (not Underground) concourse called Stainer Street, close to its entrance from St Thomas Street, London SE1.

Built by Henry Jones in about 1880, we rescued him from a closed United Reformed church in Whetstone, north London in 2021 and relocated him to London Bridge in July 2022, with thanks to Network Rail for their support.If you would like to play the organ it is open to the public as long as the station is open.


There is no booking system. All you do (apart from waiting your turn if there’s a queue) is to ensure that the wall switch to the right is on, and then press the blue-lit button on the blower box itself. 

The blower is on a 30-minute time-switch, and the blue-lit button starts flashing a minute before it cuts off. If it has already switched itself off, re-set the wall switch first and then press the blue-lit button, and Henry will come to life again for a further 30 minutes.

Please don’t stand on the pedals before sitting on the bench. This stresses the mechanical links. Instead, sit on the bench first, then swing your feet over.

Bring your own music! We haven’t had a lot of success keeping sheet music collections at Henry.

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