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We depend completely on the generosity of donors and members. We want to get going with all the ideas in OUR MANIFESTO, and most of these need money to get them going.

The more we raise, the faster we can turn around the disastrous state of pipe organs in this country.


Do you know someone who has recently passed away who loved the music of pipe organs? If so, please consider asking for donations to Pipe Up in their memory.

The best way to do this online is to go to our Just Giving page, and click on the 'Campaigns’ tab. This creates a special JustGiving page to which you can direct people to make donations.

It’s as if you were running a marathon for a charity. You will be able to track the amounts raised and see who has supported your invitation.


The sheer scale of the problems Pipe Up has been set up to fight means that we need to raise some serious sums of money, soon. Could you become an 'Angel' by donating a significant amount of money to get us going, faster? Our plans are set out in OUR MANIFESTO.

We particularly need help to:

  • Employ staff to help find new homes for unwanted organs

  • Create more storage space

  • Recruit and Train Volunteers

  • Invest in our website

  • Start the training, research and grant programmes to put organ music back into the heart of every community

Time is not on our side. The faster we can raise these sums, the faster we can turn the tide of destruction and neglect. If you would like to discuss such a donation, please contact us and we will be delighted to take the possibility further.

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